Versatility and Precision

The Traypacker takes products at full oven capacity via supply cooling conveyors, guides them into multiple lanes, accumulates and indexes them, place them into groups (slugs) of a predetermined count, and drops them into a tray which is positioned precisely by the system. Speeds up to 300 rows per minute are achieved with this process. Various types of cookies can be processed including wire-cut, rotary molded, enrobed, and sandwiched items.



A special endless conveyor belt with many features to unscramble, receive the product, place it into lanes, accumulate the product appropriately and synchronize it into the Rotodex Indexing device to be registered and prepared for other functions in the machine. Products can be aligned and spaced as required with easy changeover of custom made parts.

Collating and Dump Sections

This section receives the cookies from the Rotodex and forms groups (slugs) of a predetermined count by a state-of-the-art mechanism with an insertion device in conjunction with the back plate, which continues to move outward pushing the slug into a position ready to drop. At a programable time, the hinges move into an open position, thereby, allowing the products as a unit to drop into the trays below.

Delivery Section

Delivery of the filled trays is presented to the downstream conveyors for further processing. The tray conveyor is a flighted servo driven conveyor used to precisely index trays underneath the drop section of the collating dump section. The unfilled trays can be delivered to another flighted conveyor through an automatic denester.

our main features

Tray Cushion

Servo controlled dampening system used to minimize cookie bounce during the dump cycle. The tray is lifted at a certain time and speed just prior to receiving the cookie slug at dump. The cushion lift height is adjustable from the HMI.

Scalability on Conveyors

Allows ancillary devices and tray conveyors to be enabled or disabled. The system allows the user to start the conveyor, monitor the belt speed, and control the belt pitch of each conveyor.

High-Tech Control Systems

Fully integrated operator interface, machine timing and control system package for recipe management, maintenance, diagnostics (SCADA), and servo settings. Pivoting touch screen panel to allow easy operator control access from either side of machine.

Sanitary Design

Our latest improvements in sanitation offer a sanitary and easy to maintain system for the most hygienic operation. Stainless steel, titanium, and anodized aluminum construction. This latest design offers minimized plate to plate contact, non-tube penetration for device mounting and welded stand-offs for wires and hoses for an easy clean/stay clean operation.

Quick Changeover

Easily accomplished with change parts in 20-25 minutes. The system has the ability to automatically load a wide variety of additional configurations with change parts.

Easy Transfer

The tray and product conveyors are both on a declined angle to create the maximum parameters for efficient transfer of the biscuits into the tray cells.


Our system is adaptable for products with different sizes and diameters. Any style and size of cookie you can think of, including wire cut, die cut, rotary molded, enrobed, sandwiched items, and much more!


Electronically control the in-feed rate to the desired cell count. Eliminates the need for a gear change part when the cell-count changes.


The empty trays are automatically denested from a magazine and placed into a flighted transfer conveyor.

Tray Laning Conveyor

Directs the empty trays from the denester to the lugged indexing conveyor.

Servo Controlled Motion

The servo control system insures that the timing of the in-feed row of biscuits matches the correct tray position. When the correct tray cell count is obtained, the tray conveyor cycles a new row of empty trays into position.

Easy Mobility

The system is mobile for effective removal and re-installation and to allow a temporary hand pack system to be installed in-line.

Reject System

Clears machine of product if a jam occurs without stopping flow of incoming product.

Automatic Belt Tracking

For the endless, quick change belt for the infeed section and secondary feed section.

Automatic Alignment Device

This device moves the infeed guides to align with incoming cookie pattern.

Central Lubrication

Provides automatic lubrication to all lubrication points simultaneously using multiple zone distribution blocks.

Simple Process

Provides smooth, high speed and easy-to-care-for operation.

Easy Access

Custom platform utilized for operator access to monitor the in-feed section

Excellent equipment and customer service. We are very happy with the support that we receive from MB&D. Our equipment is very reliable, operator friendly, provides easy change overs with low down times. In addition, continuous after sales support coming from the company is an advantage.

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