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We are a firm believer that all of the business phases in the development of our products affect the customer experience. For this reason, our service strategy is specifically designed to add value to the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. We quickly react to customer requests and provide outstanding service, incorporating the customer into the design process, and exceeding the customer’s expectations at every interaction.

MB&D’s customer retention is the highest in the market and we are proud to make service a dominant factor in our business proposition. The experience that we create for customers and prospects at all of our touch points is the dominant factor in customer satisfaction and profitability.


spare parts

Having the necessary spare parts will be crucial in effectively reducing down time at your factory. MB&D as a one-stop facility, manufactures most of its parts in house and keeps inventory for quickly responding to urgent requests.  

Our Service department will ensure you have the correct parts and support when you need them. As a single source supplier of components, we will ensure your MB&D equipment runs at peak efficiency!


We offer support services including:

MB&D continuously strives to respond quickly to customer needs and to help them cope with challenges and opportunities as we work to create superior value for customers and long-term value for their companies. Whether you are troubleshooting your system, replacing a spare part or upgrading your equipment, we are always available to help!

Key components into putting a machine into service. Our trained personnel will guide you through the correct mechanical and electrical procedures at start-up to maximize the machine’s serviceability and reliability for its entire service life.

All newly installed MB&D systems go through rigorous on-site testing to ensure that the equipment hardware and software is working as it should. All programs are tested by our qualified technicians and on-site adjustments are executed to ensure your equipment is ready for your most demanding applications.

Preventive and corrective maintenance are important and necessary aspects to keep your equipment in reliable and working condition, extend equipment life and ROI. A properly serviced MB&D machine can be certain to run at full capacity, and to work as well as when it first arrived. Contact one of our qualified technicians to schedule a visit!


Mechanical Setup
Machine Timing and Recipe Handling
Creme Systems
Electrical/ Automation Systems


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