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MBD is the snack-food industry leader in providing quality, value added cookie and snack cake processing and packaging equipment.

With over 45 years of experience in the Snack Food industry, our company excels in providing highly engineered, turn-key solutions for diverse customer needs. The proven simplicity and performance of our products has positioned us to be the industry leader with over 500 machines operating in 60+ countries.


What our clients Say About Us

I am 100% satisfied. Our project was on time, on budget, and installation was as smooth as I have seen. MBD pays attention to detail to meet goals, deliver a reliable finished product and the quality of construction is outstanding.
MBD delivered a great solution for our depositor and they are extremely responsive. I know they are proud of this achievement. I am as proud to enjoy the benefits of this innovative design and equipment.
Alan W. Petrik
Senior Vice President
1800Flowers.com | Cheryl's
In my 38 years working at Fox’s Biscuits and many others, I rate MBD as one of the best companies we have ever worked with. MBD went the extra mile to help us make a success of the Cookie Capper project. They are great listeners. When we have asked for alterations to help us run the machine, they have come back with great solutions. For me, they are not just one of the best, but the best. Not least, they are great people and rightly proud of their company.
Ross Oldham
Process Dev. Manager
2 Sisters Group | Fox Biscuits
I would recommend MBD for any of your projects as the team listens to the business needs and makes recommendations. The process from layout through completion was very thorough. Also, the ability to get replaced parts quickly is very helpful. They designed and manufactured the equipment that meet our needs and operates as intended. The equipment has been reliable, easy to use and parts and service support are readily available when needed.
David Vidovich
Director of Plant Operations
Tasty Baking Co. | Flowers

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MB&D is the leader in biscuit processing and packaging equipment and well known in the industry for striving for flexible, high-quality and unique applications! Want to learn more about what we do? Download our brochure and see our portfolio of products and services. We provide systems for all your product types, all in one machine! 


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