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most efficient batter applicator

The Oven Depositor applies batter directly to an oven band with speeds up to 300 deposit rows per minute. The depositor is fully programmable to operate in sync with other deposits or cavities on the band or integrated with an existing rotary molder.

state-of-the-art Deposit Manifold Section

Once the biscuit is transferred onto the depositor apron, it will be conveyed underneath a traveling depositor head. This depositor head is mounted onto a traveling platform plate which is capable of hosting up to two Deposit manifolds. When the deposit function is enabled, the Deposit Manifold actuator shaft will be activated and the manifold will begin to dispense filling onto the biscuit. The biscuit will continue to travel to the exit end of the conveyor until it is discharged onto the oven band conveyor.



More accurate deposit weights providing equal spread (diameter) of all deposits on the oven band.

Sanitary Design

Sanitary and easy to maintain system the most hygienic operation. Stainless steel, titanium, and anodized aluminum construction.

High-Tech Control Systems

Fully integrated operator interface, machine timing and control system package for recipe management, maintenance, diagnostics, and servo settings.

Creme Mixing Option

Our 45+ years of experience working with industry leading crème suppliers allow us to provide turnkey solutions for Crème mixing/tempering/aeration systems easily integrated with our machine.


Options to effectively produce different types of products (batter types, shapes, injection of colors or flavors, produce different colors at the same time, etc.) Offset layout of deposits to allow for a staggered pattern to maximize the oven band utilization.

Belt washer

Controlled automatically or by toggle switch to allow water to clean the belt while running. Complete with catch pan for waste and funnel that attaches to drain. All stainless steel.

Traveling depositing

The manifold support platform will move with the oven band during the deposit cycle


Provides smooth, high speed and easy-to-care-for operation.


Basic installation options without modifying/cutting the oven band.

Servo driven motion profile

Includes horizontal and vertical electronic cams to maximize the effectiveness of the deposit placement on the band.

Servo driven deposit actuators

Controls the opening and closing of the deposit for very accurate timing control.

Batter Distribution Piping

Includes digital temperature probe and pressure gauge with sanitary clamps to connect to the deposit manifold.

Central Lubrication

Provides automatic lubrication to all lubrication points simultaneously using multiple zone distribution blocks.

Deposit Platform

Which includes cylinders, valves, and related hardware to operate rotary valve deposit manifolds.

Advanced Manifolds

Equipped with single outlet nozzles for spot or strip depositing. These manifolds feature easy (tool free) adjusting nozzles for weight balance and include water jackets to control temperature filling for deposit.

The Quality and Experience in depositing that you Deserve!

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