MB&D is the snack-food industry leader in providing quality, value added cookie and snack cake processing, and packaging equipment. As a privately held company, we remain firmly focused on long-term success by effectively delivering real and long-term value to our customers. Our innovative solutions play a critical role in helping meet the rising global demand in the end markets we serve. Key demand drivers in this market include dairy consumption, emerging market capacity expansion, sustainability and productivity initiatives, customer product innovation and food safety. With over 45 years of experience in the Food and Beverage market, our company excels in providing highly engineered, turn-key solutions for diverse customer needs. The proven simplicity and performance of our products has positioned us to be the industry leader with over 500 machines operating in 60+ countries. As a customer focused company, we specialize in providing products with state-of-the art designs, relatively small overall footprint compared to stencil machines, and the flexibility to offer wider equipment, being the only supplier in the market with the capability to produce up to two-meter wide machines. Our products’ proven reliability, ease of use and flexibility are features that our customers can depend on!


Since 1974, MB&D has turned challenges into opportunities, always looking for new innovative solutions for our customers around the world. Discover our company, founded on values and willing to solve problems with innovative solutions while keeping high return on investment to our customers, safe  environments, and high quality as our priorities.


To discover, develop and provide innovative solutions that create value to our customers and help meeting the growing global demand in the snack-food end market.


Innovating for our customers to provide multiple possibilities for their success while striving to meet our community responsibilities.

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Leading with the highest standards of ethics (Integrity), Challenge and collaborate with each other (Teamwork), Exceed expectations delivering superior results (Excellence).

Simple Solutions Gives Sweet Results

We offer complete solutions for Inline Depositing, Sandwiching and Packaging Equipment. Our product portfolio includes Inline Sandwiching systems for indexing, depositing, and sandwiching full oven flows, Oven depositors for pre-baked pumpable batters, Tray packaging and Tray loading systems, and much more!

Where service and reliability meet

Our services include installation for new and upgraded MBD equipment, commissioning, training, maintenance, and support. Our Service Department will ensure you have the correct parts and support when you need them. Having the correct parts and information will keep your MB&D products running at peak efficiency.


Some of Our Features

We are proud to be a one-stop corporation, providing both in-house engineering and manufacturing from our headquarters facility in North Carolina. This translates to quick turnaround times for our customers.

We have expertise in filling preparations working with European partners.

45+ years of experience and exposure with depositing, capping, and packaging processes.

Our equipment is built to last. Our first machine, which was built back in the 70’s is still running and in production.

Our manifolds are mounted to a servo travelling platform which allows easy removal for cleaning, provides flexibility for multiple fillings and profiles including spot (High rise for mallow, low rise for caramels) and Strip (For elongated products).

Overall footprint is the smallest in the market.

Ability to easily convert the machine to conveyor/bypass mode by a simple HMI selection which will allow to run product which doesn’t need to be flipped and/or capped.

Most Flexible System! Easy changeover through the use of change part packages which can be easily added to the base machine to be customized via a change part profile. Change parts consists of rotary indexing devices, deposit manifolds, and capping station parts that can be installed on average in 30 minutes or less.

Sanitary and Safe –we pay close attention to clean design techniques that allow a timely and effective cleaning by easy and safe removal of parts. Sanitary design is about food safety, quality and operational efficiency! We encompass all these principles within our sanitary products to provide added value and competitive advantage.

Other sanitary features include:

    • Self-draining
    • Surfaces smooth and accessible
    • Made of compatible materials
    • materials which are corrosion resistant, non-toxic, and non-absorbent
    • Belting is easily removable
    • Our main belt is provided b a washing system running both manual and automatic modes, which maintains the belt surface product-free and clean at all times

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