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Cookie Capper

Our flagship machine providing the most successful solution in the market for taking a full flow of product directly from a continuous oven band, orienting individual products, indexing and flipping every other row, applying filling and then positioning the tops onto the bottoms.


The Traypacker takes products at full oven capacity via supply cooling conveyors, guides them into multiple lanes, accumulates and indexes them, place them into groups (slugs) of a predetermined count, and drops them into a tray which is positioned precisely by the system.


The Place Packer takes a full flow of product directly from a continuous cooling tunnel or supply conveyor, orienting individual products, indexing, collating the biscuits and placing stacks of predetermined counts of products into a plastic or paper tray for packaging.

Oven Depositor

The Oven depositor deposits directly to an oven band with speeds up to 300 deposit rows per minute. The depositor is fully programmable to operate in synch with other deposits or cavities on the band or integrated with an existing rotary molder.


Pivot, Incline, 90-Degree, Straight configurations, and much more! Our food-grade Conveyor solutions are specially designed for each specific need in your production line. Whether you want to upgrade existing conveyors, retrofit, or redesign your whole line, we are prepared to work with you.

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